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Window Repair, Service, Sales & Installation Medford

At Northwest Energy Solutions, LLC we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services available to help make Medford resident’s homes more affordable, comfortable and beautiful.
We specialize in window replacement using ultra-high efficiency Ply Gem windows and doors to ensure our customers receive the maximum insulating benefit in the heat of summer as well as in the cold of winter.  We have years of experience in window installation and repair so you can be confident you will enjoy your new windows for years to come.  Call us today at (541)773-6937 for a free in home evaluation and estimate for your home.


At Ply Gem Windows, we view things from your perspective. We see our windows as more than just products; we see them as opportunities to build your success. And that’s exactly why we’ve taken our entire portfolio of brands, brands that you know and trust like MW Windows, CertainTeed, Patriot Windows, Great Lakes Window and Alenco Windows, and given them a new name – Ply Gem Windows. With this one name comes a lot of distinct advantages, like one-stop access to a variety of window materials and styles for all of your design needs. Plus, with our national manufacturing and distribution network, industry leading warranties, and exceptional customer service and support, you’ll get the right window for every project and every budget.





When replacing windows, one can consider increasing the window size, moving windows to new locations, converting doors to windows or windows to doors, or to install specialty windows such as garden or bow windows. These are all examples of improving the look and feel of a room. Allowing additional light to enter a room will make it feel much larger and brighter, enhancing the overall environment.


Face it, old windows are difficult to clean and dirty windows block a lot of light and obscure the outside view making a room far less appealing. New windows can easily be retrofitted into existing spaces that allow both sides to be cleaned from inside the home. This is especially convenient (and much safer) when installed in a multi-story home!

Window frames constructed of vinyl or fiberglass also add the luxury of never having to be painted or stained and are otherwise virtually maintenance free.


Wooden windows that are 25 years old or older have usually been constructed with marginal regard to energy conservation. These older, simply constructed windows allow drafts to enter from between the window and frame and from around the frame itself. Depending on construction technique, their tracks may have also become worn, allowing even more drafts to creep into the home.

Aluminum is a very good heat conductor. Older, single pane aluminum windows actually act as heat radiators. The aluminum frames try to equalize the temperature between the inside and the outside by conducting the warmer temperature to the cooler side.

Glass too is a good conductor of heat. When only a single pane of standard glass is used in either a wood or aluminum framed window, very little insulation is provided. This condition is marginally improved with the addition of a second aluminum storm window. But the windows then become very difficult to clean, often requiring complete disassembly of the storm window.


When looking to purchase a home, buyers tend to place windows and doors in the same category as roofing, siding, and carpeting. New windows and doors may not excite them, but if they are old and drafty, a buyer may not be as willing to pay the asking price, if they make an offer at all.

Windows and the front door are some of the first things a prospective buyer sees from the street. The window style and their condition is readily apparent and helps set that critical first impression. Old aluminium and crusty wooden windows with layer upon layer of paint hinder a good first impression.