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Hearts With A Mission 

Northwest Energy Solutions, LLC has pledged to Hearts With A Mission to provide the new windows and installation to help complete the renovation of their new facility.  We contributed $100 per project sold in the customer’s name during the months of April and May to help achieve this goal.Hearts With A Mission Youth Shelter will provide temporary emergency shelter up to 72 hours without parental consent temporary and emergency shelter for up to 120 days for youth ages 10 to 17 with written parental consent. It will include 3 separate safe quadrants, consisting of 9 bedrooms, with a total of 17 beds. We will cooperate with all law enforcement agencies. Our intention is to not duplicate services for our community, but fill a gap that has been missing in our community. Youth will have individual case management and access to obtain services to re-establish family ties or in cases when that is not suitable, support youth in accessing other appropriate housing, or services.

Jackson County Has an Unseen Problem
  • 1647 homeless youth in Jackson County. Many youth are not attending school, or unidentified.
  • 1094 homeless youth were identified as attending school in Medford School District 549c.
  • 173 youth were identified as unaccompanied youth, unsheltered, living in a car, tent, under a bridge, etc. Unaccompanied homeless youth are not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian.
  • Medford ranks second only to Portland for the highest number of homeless youth in the State of Oregon. Homeless students represent almost 9% of the Medford School District’s student body, compared to statewide average rate of 2.8%.