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Northwest Energy Solutions  installs only premium quality doors and accessories manufactured by Ply Gem to ensure your year-round comfort and problem free operation. We install French doors, entry doors, and a variety of other custom doors to fit your needs.

We believe that one of the most important considerations when choosing a door is to match the right product with the right features to your entryway. Questions we ask are what kind of exposure will the door get from the weather, what level of maintenance are you capable of, and how will you use the door. Another consideration is a review of the many screen options available. We also offer full painting or staining services for you to protect your investment. At Northwest Energy Solutions we will assess your situation, and one of our expert consultants can recommend the right solution. No job is to small or large for the staff at Northwest Energy Solutions.


Types of doors

There are five major types of doors:

Interior doors
Exterior doors
Patio/Garden doors


Interior doors will mainly provide privacy within the house, and will help isolate the sound between the rooms. In houses with central heating or cooling systems, it is important to leave at least 1/2 –inch between the finish floors and the bottom of the doors to allow free air flow, another reason to have this space, is to prevent the friction when the door is opened or closed. Interior doors are available in many styles like flush, paneled models, full louvered, or partially louvered. Although they are expensive louvered doors are especially useful in locations where flowing of air is crucial, for example closets, water heaters etc.



The main entrance adds a lot to the appearance of the house, because of the unique importance of front doors, the way they are constructed is different than the regular exterior door. Many details are added to the front door the make it special such as, door caps, exterior moldings and panels, windows or lights in or to the side of the door. Exterior doors can serve both as weather protectors and effective sound reducers. Most of them are about 1 ¾ -inch thick, three feet or more wide, and a minimum of 6-feet 8-inches high. Half of the exterior door will be exposed to the outdoors; therefore it needs to be protected by a tight weather seal. Security is a main issue for exterior doors, makes sure you install proper door locks, and create the ability to see the person calling before you open the door – this can be achieved by the installation of side lights on one or both sides of the door. Side lights vary in size but they come at a width of approximately 1 foot. They are available in many finishes and textures, some of them even come with a low-e insulated glass. Another option to install a peep-hole on the door itself.


Almost any house built today will have at least one patio door, the sliding glass doors, and French doors provide comfortable access to your patio, deck, and garden. They make the room look larger than it really is and lets a lot of light and air in through them. When selecting a patio/garden door, the most important factors to consider are insulation quality, secure locking system, weather tightness, and an attractive appearance.

Sliding glass doors include at least one fixed and one sliding panel. The strength of the sliding glass doors frame is critical when it covers a large span. Some of the frame material options include fiberglass, vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Wood frames come in a big range of styles and colors; they should come coated with water repellant. Fiber glass frames are durable, easy to maintain, energy efficient and can be easily painted. The fiber glass frame will increase in decrease in size in temperature changes at the same rate glass panes will, hence reducing stress within the doors and keeping both materials tightly fitted to each other.

A patio door has a much larger amount of glass area compared to the frame area, because of that, the type of glass which you select has a much greater influence on energy efficiency than does the frame material. It is recommended in hot climate locations to have doors with tinted glass, and in a cold climate location to have triple pane systems with a low-e glass for better weather insulation. French doors usually have a single panel that swings while the other panel remains fixed in place. They have attractive and strong wide frames, and can be energy efficient because there is less glass area.


Storm doors intended to provide protection from extreme weather and direct sunlight for your primary doors; in addition to that, they supply enhanced security, ventilation, and helping insulate your home better during summer and winter time.


A Basement door should be at least 36-inches wide, to allow large appliances and furniture go through it. It should be able to withstand the weather and provide security against theft effectively.